Handling of Personal Information

Ci:z Holdings Co., Ltd. regards the proper protection of personal information concerning shareholders and investors to be a social obligation. We handle all personal information strictly in compliance with the following policies.

1. Management of personal information
We are dedicated to protecting the personal information of shareholders and investors. For the management of personal information, we have established a framework centered on personal information protection officers. With this system as the base, we have proper rules for handling this information and we implement the personal management system along with training and auditing activities. In addition, we are constantly reexamining and improving our activities for the protection of personal information.
The following executive is responsible for the oversight and operation of measures associated with the personal information of shareholders and investors.

Director for Personal Information Protection, Ci:z Holdings Co., Ltd.

2. Compliance
We comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information as well as other guidelines.
3. Applicable personal information of shareholders and investors
Privacy policy regarding personal information about shareholders and investors applies to names, mail addresses, age and other personal information provided personally by shareholders and investors through this IR website.
4. Method for collecting personal information
We receive personal information from shareholders and investors through the investor relations section of this website.
5. Purpose of using personal information
The personal information of shareholders and investors will be used to manage and transmit our company's IR information, and to offer information on, and send, complimentary goods to the shareholders.
6. Provision and joint use of personal information to group companies, etc.
We will provide customers' personal information to our Group companies as well as related and affiliated companies (hereinafter "Group Companies), or jointly use it, to enhance our services. Please also note that we may offer personal information to public institutions, based on laws and ordinances.
7. Commissioning, to external operators, personal information related to outsourcing
If business operations including the handling of personal information are to be outsourced, an agreement on confidentiality will first be concluded. The operations will then be commission to our Group companies as well as to external operators within the scope necessary for business operations and for attaining the purpose of use.
8. Disclosure, corrections and termination of use of personal information
We will promptly respond to requests from shareholders and investors regarding the disclosure, correction or termination of use of their personal information after confirming the identity of the individual submitting a request.
9. Contact for personal information matters
We assume that our posting of these personal information policies on our website signifies that all shareholders and investors have agreed to these policies. If you do not agree, please use the following toll-free number to call us to discuss concerns about our personal information protection policies and how we handle this information.

Customer Service Center
0120-000-025 (toll-free in Japan)
(10:00 to 19:00 except Sundays and holidays)


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