Disclosure Policy

Ci:z Holdings Co., Ltd. conducts investor relations activities based on the following basic policy with the objective of earning the trust of shareholders and other investors.

1. Disclosure standard
We disclose information in conformity with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other laws and regulations as well as the fair disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, we disclose other information that is not subject to legal and timely disclosure provisions in a fair and prompt manner if we believe that information may influence investment decisions.
2. Disclosure method
In accordance with the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we use the TDnet (timely disclosure network) system of this exchange for the disclosure of important information as prescribed by these rules.
We also promptly post on our website all information that has been disclosed through the TDnet system. In addition, we use news releases, our website and other channels to disclose information that we believe is useful for better understanding our operations even if this information is not covered by the timely disclosure rules.
3. Disclosure fairness
To ensure that information is disclosed fairly, we avoid the selective disclosure of significant unreleased information to particular third parties. Subjects that we discuss with institutional investors, securities analysts, individual investors and others are restricted to facts that have already been made public or information that is known by the public.
4. Quiet period
To prevent leaks of information in earnings announcements and ensure fairness, there is a quiet period for disclosure activities starting on 2 weeks before the end of each financial quarter and ending on the earnings announcement date. During this period, we are unable to answer questions or make other comments regarding our results of operations.
5. Forward-looking statements
Information that we disclose may contain "forward-looking statements." These statements incorporate risks and uncertainties because they are forecasts based on decisions using certain assumptions that reflect information that was available at that time. As a result, actual results of operations and other future events may differ from earnings forecasts and other outlooks for a variety of reasons.
6. Third-party information
We assume no responsibility whatsoever with regard to forecasts, comments and other statements by third parties concerning our company.


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