February 1999 Dr. Ci:Labo Co., Ltd. was founded in Tokyo, starting with mail order sales of six skin-care products, including Aqua Collagen Gel.
March 2000 The company broke into the health food business.
February 2001 The publication of the member's magazine, "Ci:Lover," was launched.
April 2001 The distribution center was set up in Kawaguchi City, Saitama-Prefecture.
May 2001 The company opened its first counseling type retail store in Nagoya's Meitetsu Department Store.
November 2001 The company started sales through online shops.
February 2002 Sales of the new brand Genomer began.
March 2003 The company became publicly listed on the JASDAQ stock market.
December 2003 Sales of the new brand Labo Labo began.
January 2004 First Hong Kong store was opened.
May 2004 First Hawaii store was opened.
October 2004 The company opened the Osaka sales office.
December 2004 First Taiwan store was opened.
February 2005 The Company listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
March 2005 The subsidiary MD scirnce Co., Ltd. was established.
April 2005 The subsidiary Ci: investment Co., Ltd. was established.
January 2008 First Malaysian store was opened (by a distributor.)
April 2008 We had shipped a cumulative 10 million units of Aqua Collagen Gel.
January 2009 First Singaporean store was opened (by a distributor.)
June 2011 We had shipped a cumulative 20 million units of Aqua Collagen Gel.
July 2011 The company opened its first duty free store in South Korea. (by a distributor.)
March 2012 Dr. Ci:Labo Co.,Ltd.'s second-generation subsidiary Dr.Ci:Labo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established.
December 2015 The trade name was changed to CI:Z Holdings Co., Ltd.
The corporate structure was changed to a holding company.
February 2016 Ciz Labo Co., Ltd., became a consolidated subsidiary of Ci:z Holdings by acquiring 70% of the shares of Ciz Labo Co., Ltd.
July 2016 Ci:z Holdings concluded a capital and business alliance with members of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.