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Skincare cosmetics account for most of the products in this sector. There are three product categories that range from gentle cosmetics that were developed to minimize the impact on skin to functional cosmetics that were developed to fight skin aging. This lineup of cosmetics is suitable for a broad range of skin problems for people of all ages.


This is the leading brand in the medical cosmetics category, which includes Aqua-Collagen-Gel, the flagship product of Dr.Ci:Labo. This lineup of products uses ingredients that are safe yet highly effective in order to yield clearly visible benefits. Dr.Ci:Labo products are sold through a variety of channels.
This is the brand for entry-level medical cosmetics. Sold at comparatively low prices, these products are distributed mainly at drug stores.
This brand is used for high-end products that can help prevent skin from aging. Genomer products are created for individuals who want the best performance, quality and added value.
Brand Positioning

Health Food

Health Food

Health food business includes nutritional supplements, food products and other items that promote good health and beauty from within the body.

Business Segment Sales

Business Segment Sale
Sales(million yen) Sales composition(%)
Cosmetics 35,320 89.5
Health food 2,908 7.4

*Year ended July 2016